What benefits will I get when I take out student loan?

A cheap loan that the bank grants even with low incomes: with a student loan, students and trainees remain financially flexible. Find out which providers offer a particularly cheap student loan.

What is a student loan?

What is a student loan?

The terms student loan and student loan are just as little legally protected as a loan for trainees. This means that the banks have comparatively great latitude in granting these loans! This is a great advantage for students, since regular financing is not always easy to obtain for comparatively young people with low incomes.

Student loans are aimed at:

  • young borrowers who have had little experience with financing so far
  • People with low monthly income.

However, the loan amounts approved by the bank are often lower.

Loans for students are usually also available for trainees. The only difference to a classic installment loan for employees, for example, lies in the approval practice: student loans are granted to young people in training or university sooner than is otherwise the case.

How to get a student loan?

How to get a student loan?

Use the online loan comparison at the top of this page and fill in your details in the short query mask. Enter: the desired loan amount, the desired loan term and a purpose. The credit comparison then shows numerous offers that meet the desired criteria. If you now select one of the offers, you will receive concrete financing in writing – without obligation and free of charge.

Students are automatically shown student loans here if there are current offers that match the information provided! Please note that specific offers are only possible if the personal information has been provided. Most offers are credit-dependent and can only be calculated on the basis of this information.

You must meet these requirements

To get a student loan, the following requirements must be met:

  • majority
  • Resident in the country
  • Bank account in the country
  • Creditworthiness according to the loan amount requested
  • demonstrable income

Who gets a student loan?

Who gets a student loan?

Student loans are also aimed at trainees and sometimes even young people working in the low-wage sector. In contrast to “normal” loans for average employees, the low income plays a decisive role here.

Normally, the income is not sufficient to receive funding – child benefit, income from 450-dollar jobs and payments from parents must not be added to the income. Since some banks still want to bind these groups of people to themselves, financing is sometimes given under these difficult conditions – but often only for a low four-digit or even three-digit dollar amount.