Payday loan payment

Not paying payday loans -How to stop paying payday loans legally?

Incurring Good Finance is a simple way to supplement the household budget. It makes it possible to get a withdrawal of money to your account in several minutes. However, the trap of payday loans is that they are quickly drawn, but you still have to pay them back.

A good solution might be to combine several liabilities into one consolidation loan, unfortunately, while banks are willing to consolidate cash loans or mortgages, they are less enthusiastic about consolidation and allow repayment of loans payable by customers. In which cases can they agree?

How to stop paying payday loans legally?

Payday loans are a convenient financial product that you can easily get, but the repayment costs are high. Free non-bank loans pose a risk of problems with settling liabilities, because they have to be repaid in a short time, and if the deadline is exceeded, large interest will be charged.

Find out what to know before deciding to stop paying your loans back. The consolidation of payday loans is a lifebuoy for people who have taken out several or several loans and have problems paying back them. 

The solution to the financial problems of people who have taken out several loans or payday loans can be consolidation. What is the consolidation of payday loans? It is a connection with each other, or consolidation, of financial commitments previously incurred by the client.

When it comes to consolidating payday loans, we are merging and repaying several such loans at once, as part of a larger consolidation loan or consolidation loan. In this way, you can get out of debt and ensure convenient repayment of only one larger liability, but with a lower installment, thanks to the extension of the overall loan period.

This is a relief for the household budget and improvement in settling a few payday loans which have been borne so far by the borrower’s finances. Consolidation consists of replacing existing financial liabilities with one, but on better terms.

The payday loans are settled and the repayment of the new loan begins. Instead of several monthly installments, often in different amounts, one gets a new interest rate.

Ways to consolidate payday loans after the deadline – what are they?


As a rule, banks and loan companies grant consolidation of payday loans, which are regularly repaid, i.e. the customer has no delays or arrears in their payment. What happens, however, when you need to consolidate payday loans with delays?

Banks will not want to approve a loan application of a person who was late in paying out payday loans. In this case, non-bank consolidation remains, i.e. a consolidation loan in a non-bank company.

The consolidation of payday loans after the deadline is troublesome. Perhaps a better way would be to take out a payday loan to repay an overdue liability, together with interest, and only then take a consolidation loan. It is worth emphasizing that if the loan company in which we took a payday loan cooperates with BIK, then the bank will find out about our delays and will reject the application.

Companies providing loans for consolidation purposes have less stringent requirements for their clients and are sometimes able to accept some delays in paying off liabilities that they consolidate.

Is consolidating payday loans online profitable?

Taking several payday loans at one time is not prudent, but it happens that borrowers get into financial trouble and want to get out of it in any way. If they pay off several payday installments in the same month or have to pay them to the lender in full, then there is a problem.

It is true that loan companies are willing to extend the loan period, but only for a fee. Commissions charged in such a situation are high, therefore it is more advantageous and cheaper to take a consolidation loan. The consolidation of payday loans will not burden the customer’s creditworthiness to the same extent as repayment of several extended payday loans at the same time.

By getting rid of payday loans, we gain a clean financial position with only one repayment commitment. The consolidation of payday loans over the internet is convenient and can be a very profitable solution. This will happen if the new contract terms actually reduce the monthly installment costs.

Some offers may only lower them slightly, and the extended repayment date will, therefore, generate high costs for the entire loan, which is not favorable. The payday loan incurred to cover the costs of current liabilities must be relatively inexpensive so that it does not cause further financial problems for the borrower.