Bank credit for self-employed and entrepreneurs

The Lite Lender loan for self-employed and entrepreneurs, actually actually Lite Lender entrepreneur loan, promotes long-term and medium-term projects of medium-sized and small companies. Lite Lender Bank has a special SME window for these small and medium-sized companies with particularly favorable interest rates.

However, not all measures are funded, the Lite Lender entrepreneur loan only provides funding for the purchase of buildings and land, for construction costs that are of a commercial nature, for the purchase of equipment, vehicles, systems and machines, for the equipment of the business or operations, intangible investments in the area of ​​technology transfer, the purchase of another company, consulting services that take place externally and help to open up new markets or introduce new products as well as expenses for the first trade fair participations.

Loan for self-employed

Loan for self-employed

The Lite Lender loan for the self-employed and entrepreneurs is limited to a maximum of $ 10 million per project; the usual bank collateral is required. Freelancers and companies that have been self-employed for at least two years have the option of an indemnity exemption in the amount of 50 percent of the respective bank.

If the exemption from liability is used, the borrower is not obliged to provide collateral in full for the loan amount. However, if the Lite Lender loan is due or if operating resources are financed with the Lite Lender entrepreneur loan, there can be no exemption from liability.

The application for a Lite Lender loan is made at the house bank or a state funding institution, where you will also receive the relevant information if there are still open questions.

What is the level of interest rate

What is the level of interest rate

The level of the interest rate is subject to developments in the financial market, but is set if the term does not last longer than ten years or the loan is due. If the loan runs for more than ten years, the interest rate is either fixed at least for a period of ten years, but it may also be possible to set the entire duration.

Maximum interest rates apply in accordance with the Price Disclosure Ordinance, which can be found in the overview of the conditions for investment credit programs at Lite Lender.

The individual interest rate for Lite Lender business credit always depends on the creditworthiness and the intrinsic value of the collateral available to the borrower. Lite Lender credit for entrepreneurs is allowed to be combined with other funding programs. The prerequisite, however, is that Lite Lender Bank’s promotion programs are not exempt from liability.